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Our Promise

Discipline says "I need to." Duty says "I ought to". Devotion says "I want to".

-Adrian Rogers

We want our success to not only be measured by accomplishments but that we also lived our core values daily and make a contribution to our community. Our team members don't get trained on how to acquire our values. Instead, they get to work in a place where they live it out their personal and professional mission statement and make a difference.

Overall we value our company culture since it impacts engagement, employee satisfaction, business success, and morale.

Our Promise to Job Seekers and Employers:

We have the privilege to serve two sets of customers, job seekers, and employers, and our promise overlaps with both.

1. Competency- You will interact with experienced full-stack recruiters that are passionate about people, technology, and helping businesses succeed.

2. Easy to work with- Bright Metro wants to be part of your recruiting ecosystem, so you will work with polite and professional people. 

3. Transparency- Good or bad we want to share updates and feedback. For job seekers, this means no resume black hole. That's where you send a resume but never hear back.

Company Purpose and Values:

To strive for excellence by connecting exceptional technology professionals with exceptional employers.

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We embrace the challenge to be innovative and strategic in our talent solution offerings.

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Life-long Learner

Leaders have many exceptional habits - one of them is surprisingly simple: learning.

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We are committed to giving our time, talent,and resources to impact others.

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Our mindset is to reject passivity and accept the responsibilities that have been entrusted to us.

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John Deere
Harvard University
Office Depot
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