Our Promise

“We must not promise what we ought not, lest we be called to perform what we cannot”.

-Abraham Lincoln

We know how you feel to be over-promised and under-delivered.

Often companies make big promises to attract customers and investors or they might be under pressure to meet certain targets. 

At Bright Metro accountability, honesty, care, and gratitude are more than just words—they are the pillars of our identity. We don’t just offer recruiting services; we deliver a promise you can rely on.

We have candidate and client interactions every day and we are grateful to let these 100+ candidates speak for Bright Metro about their experience with us.  (Our TALK profile. TALK is the world’s largest organization of Talent Acquisition professionals, with nearly 10,000 members representing 80 chapters in North America.)

Our Story

Metro Group, Inc. was launched as an IT Staffing Firm, committed to the success of our customers, our employees, and our strategic business partners.
As a spin-off of Metro Group, BrightStar Recruiters, Inc., was created to provide recruitment services to Fortune 1000 and many other top companies.
Bright Metro, Inc was founded after it developed an agile recruiting approach, which speeds up the recruitment process and improves collaboration.

Our Company's Values:

"Employers look for two things when hiring or promoting people: knowledge and skill.They rarely, if ever, consider character.Yet character is the key to extraordinary business success."-Bruce Weinstein


Typically are more satisfied, more productive and nicer to be around.


Willingly accepting responsibility for your actions.


Cannot tolerate lying, fudging data, misrepresenting themselves or their companies.


Having a deep concern for people’s well-being and flourishing.

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