Since our buying behavior as consumers is shifting to an On-Demand/Subscription based model (think Hulu, Uber or Fiverr), why shouldn’t that be the case for recruiting services? 


Our Recruiting-As-A-Service solution utilizes a pricing model that gives our clients complete control over how long to engage us at a fixed price. For a flat fee, we would work as an extension of your existing recruiting team.  We would work as ONE TEAM adapting to your corporate culture but bringing our recruiting strengths, software recruiting tools and 20+ years of experience to you. Our customers have the guarantee of our services and we offer a "Try before I Buy" option to showcase our value-proposition.


Here’s a closer look into our Recruiting Packages:

Our clients can tailor our packages to meet their requirement workload and maintain full control of the engagement.


Our goal is to partner with you and co-manage the sourcing and screening process. We determine our recruiting strategy prior to kicking off the package, including candidate sourcing, candidate engagement, and vetting strategy, to meet your pre-defined recruiting KPIs and metrics.

We pride ourselves on our transparency, so we allow our clients to 'peek behind the curtain' to see our work at any time.


The production of the candidate pipeline is shared via Trello which allows our clients to real-time updates of each recruiting package. Intake notes, resumes, candidate screening (audio or video), etc. all found in one location.

You have the option to receive not only resumes from us but both resumes and video interviews of qualified candidates that are answering some of your pre-screen questions as soon as the interviews are complete.


These are not pre-recorded videos but instead real-live conversation between the candidate and the recruiter.

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